Back to Reality

Well it's been just over a month since we got back to the UK and that time has really flown in, similar to what it did the last few months of our trip I guess!

People ask what it's like being back, well to be honest it is shit!

The first couple of weeks back we had to get a lot of things sorted out in our friends loft and in the van. They had kindly let us stay there in the house for the first week to acclimatise, then we moved into the van as we got it cleared of our things. Sadie went down south to sort things out for a few days, and we had a couple of nights out with friends too which was nice.

And for the last 2 weeks, we have been parked up at a campsite on the outskirts of Nottingham, as Sadie has been away again to France for 2 weeks to see her family. I managed to get away to Birmingham at the weekend to see some more friends which was amazing and loved catching up with them, but still got so many more we want to see soon too!

I've been working a few shifts a wee…

48 Week Update

48 Weeks - 5th November

Well our 48th week brought us back to the UK a few days ago, and this is the last 8-week review of where we have been during that time in Cambodia, Laos and Northern Thailand –

Cambodia Kampot Kratie

Laos Don Det Pakse Bolaven Plateau Vientiane Vang Vieng Phonsovan Luang Prabang Pak Beng
N Thailand Chiang Rai Chiang Mai Pai Sukhothai Kanchanaburi Bangkok
And so it all ends, 48 weeks of touring India, Nepal and SE Asia has flown in to be honest, I’d love to do it all again (perhaps after a rest though!).  I will do a full review once recovered a bit of the whole experience and upload that when I can.

Now we need to think of a plan on what to do next… watch this space!

x 💗

Back to Bangkok

We had to get the early morning train at 07:19 back to Bangkok, as we had to make sure that we were back in Bangkok and checked into the hotel to get set up for the Glastonbury CV ticket sale at 4pm local time.
A short overloaded tuk-tuk with us 2 and another 2 girls with our 4 lots of luggage saw us dropped off at the train station, in time to buy our ticket and board the train.
Trundling through the countryside on a train with beautiful scenery is a lovely way to travel and before long we arrived back at Thonburi station around 3 hours later. Then it was a Grab to our hotel, which up until the driver confirmed the name of the place to Sadie, I didn’t know where she had booked as it was a surprise.

She had booked us into a place called Legacy Suites Hotel which is an upmarket hotel in a business district with a pool and leisure facilities. At check in, I found out Sadie had already asked by email about a free upgrade, and the receptionist confirmed she could do this. We then got ta…

Sukhothai, Bangkok & Kanchanuburi

Our train left Chiang Mai early morning and we settled in to our seats for the 6 hr journey to Phitsanulok. We were heading to Sukhothai really but as there is no train station there it was going to be a bit of a hotchpotch of travel methods before we finally got to our the hotel.  After 2 tuk-tuk rides and a minivan we arrived at the Blue House hostel, which is just off the main road in the new town of Sukhothai, where we had a private a/c room booked.  The town is very small, but they manage to squeeze in a few bars, a night market and a couple of restaurants along the busy road. 

Part of the night market is held in the Buddhist temple and is set up more like a fun fair, with half the walkway filled with spinning, flashing buddha statues, monks offering blessings and a pulley system carrying flower garlands up to be draped over a giant Buddha statue.  They also had a big wheel for the kids, a stage show, an outdoor cinema screen and your normal clothes, bags and sunglasses…


We got a Grab from our hotel to the bus terminal which is as usual on the outskirts of the city. Then got our tickets printed off as we had booked online for the transport to and from Pai, as this way you can pre-book what seats you want for the 3-hour journey. This route is prone to people suffering from travel sickness due to the 762 bends between CM and Pai, whilst it passes through some amazing scenery to look at if you’re not throwing up into a plastic bag.
Obviously, we had booked the front seat and the one behind the driver for both legs, and thankfully we had no issues with either journey about getting these seats this time.
Our driver for the day was a young lad, and with a full minivan of tourists and locals, we headed off 10 minutes early. We had both taken travel sickness tablets before we set off, and these ones Sadie has make you pretty drowsy, so much so that even I had a short sleep near the start of the journey.
But it wasn’t long before we hit the start of the bend…

Chiang Mai

After breakfast we had time to pack and say our goodbyes to Jane as we headed to the bus station. Our mid-morning journey to Chiang Mai was uneventful, and after we arrived we got a Grab to our hotel. We had got checked in and unpacked properly for our 6 nights at the White Boutique Hotel which was a lovely place, and not far from the old town boundary walls and had its own small pool, not that we used it though.

Chiang Mai is larger than Chiang Rai, and is definitely geared up to tourists more, and therefore we had a list of things we wanted to see and do during our time here. Most of the main tourist parts are within the old city walls, which is a huge square surrounded by a moat on all 4 sides, where there are endless temples, tour shops, bars and markets.

Sadly, we only did about ½ of the things we wanted to see and do as we took the opportunity to unwind and chill out a bit more after the hectic previous 2 weeks where we only had a couple of days in places. Well that and we als…