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Planning, Preparation and Packing

Organised Chaos So to drop everything, give up our life, flat and possessions here and go off travelling takes a fair bit of planning. There is so much to do to prepare, organise etc that needs tracked, so we have lots of spreadsheets.. Documentation Itinerary Planning Vacinations Visa Information Budget Planning Accomodation Transportation What to Buy? What to Sell? Storage Changing Address Packing Lists Etc And we all love a spreadsheet!! The list is never ending, and as the departure date looms closer and closer, the reality of it all starts to kick in... along with mild panic! As we are in a rented flat, we don't have a lot of furniture, and managed to sell what we do have to the landlord, so its mostly just clothes and personal possessions we have to sort out. We have both given a fair bit of clothes, books, DVD's etc to Oxfam, but some stuff you just can't give away. Thankfully good friends of ours have offered to store some stuff for us

Hatching The Escape Plan

Huge Decision Not sure exactly when or what it was that made Sadie and myself decided to drop everything we had in Nottingham and wanted to head off travelling, but as its only 2 weeks today till we leave, I thought I would start a blog of our adventures in the next chapter of our life together. I think it was roughly just before the summer, when both of us decided we wanted an escape from the rat race. Luckily an opportunity arose for us both, so we decided to make the most of it and wanted to go off travelling. We decided that South East Asia was our main interest, so started looking into it in more detail. This was one of our earlier Google maps pin-pointing the countrys we wanted to visit, sadly Tibet and Bhutan were on it, but are now missing off it due to visa difficulties and the expense to get in and around those countries. So as you can see, it covers India, Nepal and then onto Myanmar then down through Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand (Again),