Journey To Mumbai

City Bound

The next morning, we went back to get another Crème Caramel, yes it was that good!

And then it was time to get a taxi to the local station called Karmali, where we were getting the train to Mumbai.
We had pre-booked the fastest train which was also the newest service running this route, the 22120 Tejas Express. It included catering and we also had airplane style seats with our own entertainment screens for the 8h 30 min journey. 
The food wasn’t bad, with a main meal plus a couple of snacks and water, however eating it in a small confined space isn’t easy just like on a plane.

The highlight of my journey was getting to play Angry Birds Rio for most of the trip, apart from eating and enjoying the view including a beautiful sunset, there wasn’t much else to do.

As we got closer to Mumbai, the excitement and nerves of visiting and staying with one of Sadie’s friends, Cotton, who she hadn’t seen for 20 years was telling on her.

The plan was for Cotton to meet us at the station, either on the platform or at the ticket office. We disembarked the train, however we couldn’t see her friend, so being a little lost,  we checked Google maps and then headed down the platform… and just as we set off, Sadie went running down towards this girl, and a massive hug greeted her and myself.

Quickly leaving the station, we ended up in a taxi heading towards a birthday party, yes the first port of call was at a friend of Cottons who was also from England, so off we went.... our first taste of Mumbai traffic was hectice and insane, but as we discovered, was only going to get crazier!

Arriving at Natalies house, we were warmly welcomed by her and all her friends and given a much needed beer, fed some cake and it did all feel a little surreal.
After a little while we headed into another taxi back to the flat we would be living at for our time here in this wonderful city.

It will probably be a few days before we update the blog again, so we would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year when it comes.

Lots of Love

Paul & Sadie



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