Vasco de Gama

So the first day has been at Vasco de Gama. We only picked this place because it was so close to the airport and when you land at 1am all you want is a nice bed for a couple of nights. The hotel is really nice, we have a double bed each, a balcony, plus a toilet/wet room complete with built in viewing window.

We slept most of the day and then went for a wander into town in the afternoon. The roads are chaos and everyone was staring at the 2 crazy westerners walking along side the cows, goats, dogs and locals.... There are no tourists in this town and everyone wants to shake your hand and say 'Hi'. 
Sadly town at that time is mostly industrial car workshops, closed pharmacies, closed bars and hardly any people but on the way back to the hotel we found a dingy little bar with 2 beer fridges and some locals having a curry and pints. 2 kingfishers later and after they started closing all the shutters and doors with us inside, we thought it best to go back to the hotel.

Distressingly a few hours later we discovered that the hotel restaurant isn't licenced and as we couldn't bare the idea of curry without beer we hopped on the local bus back to town.
Town is totally different after dark. All the bars are now open, as are all the normal shops, they all have fairy lights, a skinny dog and there was a lot of people.
We had amazing Pakora and chicken curry with rice plus beers at a resturant called Anantashram for about £15 and then stopped on the way back at a couple of bars, the best of which was Crazy Crab'z just a stone's throw from the hotel. 

Tomorrow we head south to beaches and palm trees.....I can't wait but Vasco de Gama has been a great introduction to Goa.

Vasco Da Gama Photos


  1. Sounds fantastic, thank god you found people and beer. Sleep tight my loves x

  2. Excellent beginning, love that your sharing your journey with us all 😍😘


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