8 Week Update

Well it was 8 weeks ago today we left Nottingham on this adventure, so a quick recap so far -




And as we sit in the pub on our last night in India for yet another happy hour, before our flight late tonight to Mandalay (via a 4 hour layover in Bangkok), wow the time has flown in!
This adventure is challenging at times, with cultures, ways of life, food, accommodation, illness etc that is all totally different from our 'norm', but we are really looking forward to the next chapter and the beautiful country of Myanmar.
Despite the ongoing troubles there, with the corrupt government and military actions that are truly shocking, I think the country still needs tourism.
We will do our best to use local providers so as not to fund the government but sadly we can't avoid this all the time.
But we are going for the people, culture, stunning scenery and hope we get involved and learn from it.



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