Back to Reality

Well it's been just over a month since we got back to the UK and that time has really flown in, similar to what it did the last few months of our trip I guess!

People ask what it's like being back, well to be honest it is shit!

The first couple of weeks back we had to get a lot of things sorted out in our friends loft and in the van. They had kindly let us stay there in the house for the first week to acclimatise, then we moved into the van as we got it cleared of our things. Sadie went down south to sort things out for a few days, and we had a couple of nights out with friends too which was nice.

And for the last 2 weeks, we have been parked up at a campsite on the outskirts of Nottingham, as Sadie has been away again to France for 2 weeks to see her family. I managed to get away to Birmingham at the weekend to see some more friends which was amazing and loved catching up with them, but still got so many more we want to see soon too!

I've been working a few shifts a week to bring a few quid in to cover the small amount of bills we do have, but hopefully we can move around a bit more for the next few weeks anyway and not have to pay site fees which will help.

I keep meaning to do a proper review of the last 12 months, and ironically it was exactly 12 months ago today that we left to go to the airport at the very start of our adventure. But to be honest, the blog is our own diary and memories, and along with the pics, it tells everything you need to know.

What I will say is that travelling is a privilege and an honour to be lucky enough to do, and without Sadie it would never have been possible 💗

We seen some amazing things, some sad things, some horrific things, some beautiful things.

Met so many awesome people, experienced many cultures, had lots of amazing food, joined in with some crazy things and honestly had the best time ever... here is a few boring stats of our trip...

Countless beers 😂
31,000+ miles covered
7629 blog page views
6531 photos uploaded
332 days duration
109 hotels stayed in
80 blog posts posted
22 flights taken
10 countries visited
2 visits by Jane
1 amazing adventure

Some more stats from our Travellerspoint

This image is from the page below, and shows our route we took, you can click the link below to see.


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