Next Adventure

Before we even went off on our SE Asia adventure, we briefly discussed touring Europe in Daisy for 12 months after we got home. The reality is that we don't have that much money, and another full year travelling would not have been cheap, so looked into alternative options.

So while being back in the cold reality of the UK the past 2 months, we've did a lot of research, planning and preparing for the next step!
We have decided to go and volunteer on various projects in Portugal, and the basic premise is in return we get fed and somewhere to park up etc for a few hours work a day... I'll do a blog with more details on that later on!

We're taking  Daisy Moo over there for the rest of the winter down via France and Spain and have booked a ferry from Newhaven to Dieppe for next Saturday and looking to come back to the UK early/mid April.

I have secured new work to look forward to this summer and the potential for Sadie to join me, and along with other security work I can pick up too, we should be able to save enough over the summer months and then head back over to Europe for the winter again.... well if the B word doesn't put a stop to it... 👀

So that's the plan... 😁



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