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Overdue Updated & More Adventures

Sorry to bring this Blog back, but we have exciting news... bare with us!  Well, it has been exactly 4 months since our last blog, and those who we have on our Facebook profiles will know how busy we have both been since landing back in the UK in early April. We have been up and down the country, working a lot of agricultural shows, horse events, festivals, motor-sports events and various other stuff. It's been a manic 4 months for both of us, sometimes working at the same events, but occasionally Sadie has done a few herself, including Download & Blue Dot Festivals. This has been mostly with SEP, a car parking/traffic management company who have lots of work on all over the country, and she is loving the event work and wonders why she didn't get into it years ago! I've pretty much been non-stop too, with a few security tasks including Bearded, the Cricket World Cup and LTA Tennis in Nottingham I am very much enjoying my new role with a ticketing company which has g