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End of Summer

Well, it's well and truly over on this Autumn Equinox as we sit in the van in Winchester listening to the rain bounce off the roof and now watching the leisure battery voltage in the van a bit more. It's also over for our event work as we left our last one of the summer today at the Royal Berkshire Show, and what a summer it has been! I mentioned in the last blog that we had a very busy 4 months from April - July, and then August was also jam packed. I had a little more time off this month, with a trip to Scotland to see my family and also a few days in Poole to see a friend we met in Thailand, before back to a busy last couple of weeks. Here is a list of where and what I have been up to during the summer - April 1st – 28th – West Berkshire Homeless Project May 9th-12th - Chatsworth Horse Trials May 13th – 27th – Bearded Theory Festival May 29th – 3nd June – CWC Park Plaza Hotel Nottingham June 5th- 8th - Royal Cornwall Show June 10th - 16th – LTA Tennis N