End of Summer

Well, it's well and truly over on this Autumn Equinox as we sit in the van in Winchester listening to the rain bounce off the roof and now watching the leisure battery voltage in the van a bit more.

It's also over for our event work as we left our last one of the summer today at the Royal Berkshire Show, and what a summer it has been!

I mentioned in the last blog that we had a very busy 4 months from April - July, and then August was also jam packed. I had a little more time off this month, with a trip to Scotland to see my family and also a few days in Poole to see a friend we met in Thailand, before back to a busy last couple of weeks.

Here is a list of where and what I have been up to during the summer -

April 1st – 28th – West Berkshire Homeless Project

May 9th-12th - Chatsworth Horse Trials
May 13th – 27th – Bearded Theory Festival
May 29th – 3nd June – CWC Park Plaza Hotel Nottingham

June 5th- 8th - Royal Cornwall Show
June 10th - 16th – LTA Tennis Nottingham
June 19th – 23rd - Royal Highland Show
June 26th -27th – Royal Norfolk Show
June 29th – 30th – Armed Forces Day Burton

July 4th – 7th – Kent Show
July 9th – 11th – Yorkshire Show
July 13th – 14th – Japfest Donington
July 16th-17th – Festival of Hunting 
July 19th-21st – Holkham Country Fair
July 25th – 28th – Kendal Calling
July 31st – 1st Aug - Burwarton Show

August 2nd – 4th – Gatcombe Horse Trials
August 9th – 11th – Santa Pod Raceway
August 12th-14th - Anglesey Show
August 16th – 19th – Rewind South
August 21st – 26th - Great Dorset Steam Fair

September 13th – 15th – Goodwood Revival
September 19th – 22nd - Berkshire Show

So as you can see, it's taken me all over the country working with 4 different companies, across 23 events, working 120 days, travelling 8000 miles and more importantly we have doubled our savings pot!

Sadie has also been very busy over the summer, and am very proud of how she has adapted to working in the event industry. We've worked quite a lot together over the summer now, and she has been brilliant and coped with all sorts of weather conditions, sometimes staying in the tent too.

Daisy has had a bit of work done too over the summer, new brakes and curtains have already been done, plus a few other small fixes and next to get changed is the kitchen worktop with a new sink and hob to get fitted too!

So now all the hard work is done, next up is time to play and we're off to Something Else in the Dunny this weekend, and it's going to be brilliant as lots of our friends are going, including one special guest who we are taking there and back as we wanted him to be there so much.

See you on Thursday Strudders.... love you x

Then next after that is a 4 day trip to the south of France to see Sadie's parents, before we fly back over to begin our next adventure to Portugal..... EEEEK!!! 😀😍


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