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One month gone already

Since the last blog that I posted at the end of the summer event season, we have embarked on our next adventure and have already spent a whole month in the gorgeous Penamacor region with our old friends Noelia, Lief and Lyanz plus met some new friends too... but hasn't been without its challenges as blogged below!! Firstly though, we spent the weekend at the Something Else In The Dunny festival, which despite the appalling weather conditions (which ended up us totally flattening our leisure batteries, more on that later), we had an amazing time with lots of our favourite people in a field.. and was a lovely way to say goodbye to everyone for the winter months. A couple of days later, we flew out of Gatwick to Nice, to spend a few days with Sadie's family in the lovely region of Grasse, where we ate so much good food and relaxed for a few days which was nice. We had left Daisy at a small residential street in a village on the main Brighton - London line, as it was a lot eas