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It's blog time again but to be honest we haven't really been up to much so it might be a bit of a dull one. We looked at about 8 bits of land around the Penamacor region, they were all overpriced for what they offered but it was an interesting day seeing what was out there. We then moved off to look around more of the local area and as neither of us were getting amazing sleep on the thin mattress we had in Daisy, we also had the idea to visit an Ikea to find a mattress topper or similar. Our random travels took us to South and across into Spain where we stopped at Alcantara, it wasn’t a pretty town although the Roman bridge on the way on was pretty cool.  We were going to stay at the scrappy wasteland carpark near the free motorhome aire but a google search had shown a 4-star hotel down the road that did a deal on dinner, a nights stay and breakfast and as we had been craving a decent shower, bed and food it didn’t take us long to convince each other that w