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Crazy Month

Just a quick blog update on our last month here as not been up to that much and got so much to do before next week... more on that later 👀 Early December we flew back into a rainy and windy Prestwick Airport where the pilot had to warn us of a rough landing and he had to land on a different runway than usual and that the braking would be more severe than normal! At that point and then waiting on the train to Glasgow, we both decided the cold weather wasn't for us and was already looking forward to flying back to the Algarve later that week. Sadly though, we had actually flown back for the funeral of an amazing person and good friend, he was one of our festival family and ourselves along with many others, were making their way up to Oban to pay our respects and be there to support his family. Firstly we had to go to Glasgow to pick up our hire car, and then headed over to Fife for a couple of days to see my family. It was good to see them before Christmas and we went out fo