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Whale Sharks, Quads and the end.

So, we eventually got to Bato and having chatted to another German couple on the ferry we had our fingers crossed that whatever was picking them up would have room for 2 more. As it turned out they had a whole minivan to themselves so taking us was no issue. I'm not sure the driver fully understood what we wanted but when we reached their hotel, which was only about 10 mins from ours, the owner explained and he delivered us directly to our hotel for the price of 500php, which from port to door is quite cheap. Our accommodation was JD beachhouse, the owner, Joy, was there to greet us and completely understood how frazzled we were. She showed us to our room, got us a beer and said if we chose a dinner from the menu she would go and fix it for us. It was just what we needed and her small but very comfortable guesthouse was perfect. I could hear the waves crashing just below the large shared veranda and as everyone had a private table outside their rooms this is where you enjoyed