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A month back in the UK, but not as we normally know it!

It's been exactly one month today since I have been back in the UK and probably the strangest month I have ever experienced in my life. This is a very short account of my month here to date. Deaths from Coronovirus were increasing both here in the UK and worldwide, Boris had just told us that  “Many more families are going to lose loved ones” on the day I got back into the UK. By now, it was becoming clear to me that my original plan to head north to Scotland, via some friends, was going to have to change as it was just now too risky to go and visit my elderly parents. I arrived in Newhaven mid morning and my plan was to head along to Brighton for the night, parking up in our usual spot in Preston Park and then meet my brother for a few drinks that evening and hopefully a couple of mates too. As I couldn't park there till after 4pm for free, I found a nice little spot next to a lake outside Brighton and parked up there for a few hours rest. Moving along to Brighton,

Back in Portugal and towards the UK

So our 5 weeks in the Philippines was over and it felt that it flew by, especially the last few weeks there. Overall I enjoyed my time there, the diving was awesome, I got my PADI Open Water, we swam with Whale Sharks and managed to cram in lots in our time and happy to have been able to get there after missing it out on our last trip. By now it was the end of February, our plan was to return to the UK in early April so around 5 weeks left as part of this winter trip. We didn't really have a plan for our last month or so in Portugal, apart from go back to visit our wonderful friends Lief & Noelia, who recently had a new addition to the family, baby Luka and also travel across to see Lisa & Rich who we spent a few weeks with last year around the same time. After that, our original idea was to drop Sadie off in Bordeaux, where she would get a train to go see her family in the south of France, and then fly back to the UK to catch back up with me a week or so later.