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Lockdown - 8 weeks and counting

On checking the admin panel on this blog, I've discovered it is the 100th blog update we have published. I was kind of hoping that it would be about celebrating something exciting or perhaps being posted from somewhere exotic or even us revealing a new adventure... Sadly it's not any of those, it's really just a mundane update as another month passes by and here's a short account of what has been happening (or not as the case might be!) We are both still in Nottingham parked outside our friends on their drive in Daisy, feeling really bad for disrupting their lives for so long during this difficult time for all of us. It's hard for everyone just now, and them going from a family of 3 to an extended family of 5 is never going to be easy, even in normal times and its a case of adjusting to everyones habits and way of life. However we are eternally grateful for all they are doing and we do have some great times together sat having dinner chatting, outside having