Lockdown - 8 weeks and counting

On checking the admin panel on this blog, I've discovered it is the 100th blog update we have published.

I was kind of hoping that it would be about celebrating something exciting or perhaps being posted from somewhere exotic or even us revealing a new adventure...

Sadly it's not any of those, it's really just a mundane update as another month passes by and here's a short account of what has been happening (or not as the case might be!)

We are both still in Nottingham parked outside our friends on their drive in Daisy, feeling really bad for disrupting their lives for so long during this difficult time for all of us.
It's hard for everyone just now, and them going from a family of 3 to an extended family of 5 is never going to be easy, even in normal times and its a case of adjusting to everyones habits and way of life.
However we are eternally grateful for all they are doing and we do have some great times together sat having dinner chatting, outside having drinks in the sun or sitting round the firepit in the evening with tunes playing.

Sadly for us, the rest of our summer work has now all being getting cancelled over the last few weeks and deleting each event from the calendar is upseting for us and worrying for the event industry as a whole.
We have both had to look for other sources of income to tide us over the summer months, mainly so we don't dig into our savings too much!

I've got some security work in a high street bank to ensure social distancing is adhererd to and to ensure the customers and staff are safe. It's easy work and decent enough money, I did start doing 6 days a week, but now it is 5 days a week for 5-6 hours per day. Not sure how long it will go on for, but for now it certainly helps.
Sadie has also got a temporary part time job in Morrisons on a new project for Amazon Prime Now, and while it seems hard work, she is getting stuck into it and the extra income helps.

Bojo the clown has just recently given his latest update on the lockdown, with a few changes planned to happen over the next couple of months... although the new messaging is as clear as mud.
However I still fully expect it to be at least another month before we can even think about going back to some kind of normality.

It also has us thinking about a longer term plan on what we do over the rest of the summer, and then thinking ahead to our winter plan as we approach that too.

So 1 month later and sadly deaths have tripled from 11,000 to around 33,000 and are still climbing.
We are both still desperate to see our family in Scotland & France.... hopefully the end will be in sight soon and we all meet again.

Take care 



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