Week 12 of Lockdown - Another month gone

Well here we are on the 12th week of lockdown and our situation is still the same as it was this time last month... except we've tried a few more new Gins out! 👀

No real update to post about to be honest, but we remain in Nottingham and still being looked after by our friends. Both of us are still working in the same jobs, Sadie's contract has actually just ran out but she is still employed there and getting shifts.. guess we will see how that pans out over the next few weeks.

Actually it feels like Groundhog Day just now except not as funny as the movie... 😂

You will all be aware the Government seem to be winging this pandemic now (even more so than they were before) and things are slowly and surely getting back to what they call the 'new normal'. Despite the large amount of deaths (currently around 42,000) and infections dropping, I feel perhaps a couple of weeks too early but guess we will see what happens.

Small measures seem to be getting introduced every couple of weeks to ease everyone back into this 'normal' and we are also hoping that the hospitality industry is able to open up early next month.
This should allow campsites to open up albeit following the government guidelines on social distancing etc. 

Living in Daisy full time is challenging when it comes to finding places to refill the fresh water, empty the waste water and toilet cassette. And also we need to find laundrettes that are open, and as I am currently still working, I also need shirts ironed on a weekly basis too. 

Once campsites open up, and we find somewhere convenient to do all the above safely, there is a good chance we can get some of our independance back and get on the road and let our friends get their lives back to their 'normal' and we will miss them loads of course 💗

We will probably still stay around the Nottingham area, finding safe parking places near to the tram network so we can continue in our jobs for the short term anyway, it's better to save a little rather than spend the savings we have..

Just typing the above few paragraphs has given me a little positivity today, I know we will all get through this and yes the end is possibly in sight... 😀

Oh a couple of exciting things have happened lately, Ian's mum kindly made us our new curtains that we have actually been wanting done for years (and have had the material for 9 months).

She has done an amazing job on them, and they make the van look much better... but maybe too much purple now even for Sadie, so next task is to try get the seat cushions re-upholstered in a nice dark colour! 

And I just bought myself a Nintendo Switch, running around Mushroom Kingdom stomping on Goombas and avoiding Chain Chomps is just what I need right now! 👍

We also had Daisy in for a full service a couple of weeks ago, she is needing a fair bit of work done to get her MOT ready for September, so currently looking into getting that all sorted out too soon.

Big Love 



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