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16 weeks in - Mobile again

Another month has passed and the situation has changed for us both and Daisy... here's a short account of what has been going on. Just over a week ago we moved on from our friends drive/house as restrictions were lifted on staying away overnight and with campsites being allowed to open etc, we felt it was the right time to get our independance back. It's nice to be able to give them their lives back after giving up so much for us, as I have mentioned before we will be eternally grateful for what they did to help us out during lockdown 💗 Not much has happened in the last month, though slightly more than previous months! We are both still in the same jobs with mine looking like it's now extended to September and Sadie is still working around 20-25 hours a week which is still ongoing. Its nice to see the savings not going down now, but slowly going back up and we need to decide soon what our winter plan is and try budget for it. A few weeks ago we did have a BBQ with some fri

Philippines Photo & Video Links

Hey, With the whole Covid 19 saga ongoing over the last few months, I've only just remembered that we never shared our photos and videos from our Philippines trip earlier this year. I've posted them up on Google Photos, so will just put the links below which should allow anyone interested access to them...  Enjoy x *Warning there is a lot of Diving/Snorkelling ones- mainly for our memories but feel free to browse* Phone Photos Action Cam Photos Action Cam Videos