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The End of Summer and Beyond

Well yet another month has passed here in Nottingham and with that now being 6 months back here in the UK, it's time for our winter plan to come into action.  But more on that later! Quick update on what we have been up to since I last posted here, starting with Daisy. We finished painting the overhead cupboards and are very pleased with the end result on them, with the nice glittery finish!  We also have 2 speakers above the cab area and they previously just had a plain wood finish, so we decided to finish that with the metallic silver paint we already had, with some of the glitter and got a nice finish with them too. The last bit of painting we were thinking about doing was the front of the fridge, Sadie wasn't sure about it as she wanted to get a custom design painted on there at some point, but for now we just decided to go over the plain wooden effect using the silver metallic paint again. And once that was done it was a case of then deciding to use the glitter effect pain