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Getting fatter in Portugal

One of the main reasons to coming back to Portugal is that we know people here so we can catch up with friends and what’s happening on their land as well as enjoy the winter out of the UK. First stop was Leif and Noelia and their two boys so we headed over to Penamacor, as is always the custom when staying in Penamacor you have to have dinner at least once at the Cave and although they don’t do the full menu of the day in the evening anymore it’s still great value for money and a tasty treat. Next we learnt a new route onto their land, the new way although longer is much easier on an old motorhome and we were soon back in our hilltop spot at their Quinta. Nature works hard to reclaim land as quickly as it can and the Quinta has got slightly overgrown in places due to life, corona virus and escaping pigs playing havoc over the past year but it’s still very beautiful and it was nice to be back. The stone house we used to use as a kitchen last time is in need of a new roof and is curren