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Back to Plague Island

I've been a bit slack keeping this up to date and we are now back in the UK and just about to finish our 10 days quarantine. It feels like months ago we were at our lovely little campsite in Portugal and I don't think we did much in that time except eat and drink but anyway here's a quick recap of the last 7 weeks or so.  Paul had mentioned that we'd been at Bals campsite for a couple of weeks in the last blog, well we actually ended up staying there for 6.5 weeks in total. It was just such a lovely place and life was easy. Gradually the ones we'd made friends with over new year moved off but there was always a core of about 6 vans. Balthazar would do anything he could for you but he didn't come across as the friendliest guy, he rarely smiled, grunted his responses a lot, didn't really speak much English (although I suspect he knew more that he let on), was only on site a couple of hours in the morning and a couple in the evening and mainly hid in his office