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The End of the Wine

We've now finished working at the winery and after 8 weeks we managed to label approx 92,000 bottles of wine, so I thought it was time to update the blog with the very little that we have been up to in Essex, since Covid is still around for now and the current ongoing restrictions. After our 10 days quarantine where we never really left the van apart from to stretch our legs, fill up with water and empty the toilet, it was good to be let free and the first things we did is visit the launderette and get a kebab on the way home as you do!  One thing about our stay there will never be forgotten though, the Guinea Fowl! There is flock of around 20 of them here, and as nice as they are, they don't half make some noise... it was that bad to start with I ordered more ear plugs, but as time went on, we had gotten used to them! So we finally got to meet the staff here as the quarantine meant we could only stare out of the window at passers by. Lucy who was our contact for the job runs t