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The End of the Summer

Time for a really quick overview of our last couple of months..  As Sadie mentioned in the last blog, we had a great run of work and Mama Mia in Leeds was a month of solid work... shame about the music but least Sadie enjoyed it! 👀 She also mentioned about making new friends at Latitude Festival, and this was to pay off in our favour as we got a call from one of the event management team for the Isle of Wight Festival whilst at Leeds.  Due to the hard work we put in there on the main production gate/production area, which also involved working alongside some of the IOW team at the Covid verification centre, we passed our details on to them and the call was to offer us work there for 3 weeks.  This was really exciting and although we didn't get much detail, it would be managing a production gate similar to what we did at Latitude. They wanted us to start on the same day we were due to finish at Mama Mia on the first Friday in September, obviously this wasn't possible, so we agr