The Adventures Continue...

Sorry for the quick succession of blogs, but this one contains very exciting news..

Going back 3 years ago this week, Facebook reminded us that we had just got back from our 11 month travelling adventure in SE Asia, how time flies! 

Early last year we were also lucky enough to travel round the Philippines for 5 weeks just before Covid struck and put our travelling adventures on hold for nearly 2 years! 

Today was the day we should have landed in Mumbai to see friends there, then spend 4 months based in Goa to travel around areas of India we wanted to see such as Hampi & Kerala.
Sadly, due a couple of reasons, we have had to cancel and get a refund on the flight we have had booked since January.

Due to new current Tourist Visa restrictions, we would only have been able to go for 30 days when the Indian Government eventually open up applications later this month for scheduled flights.
Also currently UK Citizens are only able to get a tourist visa by appointment only from agents of the embassy in the UK, that made it impossible for us as of course we are in France.
This was our delayed plan from the previous winter, so to have it scuppered again was hard to take to be honest 😪

However as I mentioned in the last blog, over the last couple of weeks here in France we have spent a lot of time researching, planning, getting excited and then having to change plans and do more research based on ever changing visa/covid restrictions and flight costs/availability across various countries.

We are also unable to stay in France/Portugal etc all winter due to the Schengen Visa issues now that our wonderful country has voted to leave the EU, hence reducing the period you can be away in Schengen to 90 days out of every 180 days... another joy of Brexit! 😏

Today though, we have finally got something booked and are delighted to be headed in just over a weeks’ time for 3 months in.... Sri Lanka!!

Sigiriya Ancient Rock Fortress
Sigiriya Ancient Rock Fortress

This was yet another country in SE Asia that we missed off on our main trip, so we are delighted to be able to go there and spend time exploring the wonderful country and can't wait to have some more amazing food experiences too of course 😂 

And what a place to celebrate my 50th Birthday!!

We also originally looked at staying in Europe and 
travelling down through Spain/Portugal till after Christmas. Then going to Sri Lanka in early January with potential visit to the Maldives for a week on the way there for my birthday.

However as you can imagine that is a huge expense, which whilst we were prepared to do, we decided to just bring the SL trip forward a couple of months as would be a similar budget and managed to find a great price for return flights from Nice.

This gives us the opportunity to perhaps do our PADI Advanced Open Water over there, and then look into either going over to the Maldives whilst there if able to get a good deal or re-visit the idea when/if we are able to get to Goa next year (3rd time lucky!!) 👀

 Can't wait to see even more stunning sunsets than this from here in Plascassier last night x 💗


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