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Down south in Sri Lanka

It’s been a busy few weeks since Paul updated this for our winter plans, well when I say busy I mean we’ve moved about a bit, eaten a lot of good food and drank a fair amount. We had an amazing time in France with my parents and family and it was great to be able to spend quality time with them and with the help of their drive space for Daisy, lifts to and from airports and high-speed internet we managed to source flights and start a plan for winter in Sri Lanka. We knew that we were going to be hitting Sri Lankas South coast a little bit early for their normal tourist season, as they always have rains up until December time, even so it seemed like every day the Facebook groups we had joined showed pictures of biblical rain and knee-high flooding in some places! A few central regions got hit very hard and we heard that some of the pretty mountain train lines we wanted to do were not working due to landslides, with this in mind and having made friends with some English that were in a so