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Way Up North & Back Down The West Coast

We already had our tickets that we had booked on our arrival for the train from Anuradhapura to Jaffna, which were for 1 st Class, so didn’t need to get to the station too early this time. Normally we wouldn’t travel that class, but this train was a new service and that’s all that is available, and at 1200 Rs each for the 3-hour journey, the most expensive so far on the trip. But it was a comfortable and pleasant journey, as all the carriages are A/C and the seats were nicely spaced too, if not a little too cold due to the icy cold A/C. Arriving in Jaffna around lunchtime, we got a TukTuk to our accommodation for the next 2 nights, as sadly we had just missed out booking it for all 4 nights, therefore we had to book 2 separate places near each other for a couple of nights at each. First place was called Nallur Residence, where our host Haran kindly greeted us along with other new arrivals, who bizarrely had all came off the same train! There was a family of local tourists from Co