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Final goodbyes in SL and back to the UK

Sorry this update to the blog is ridiculously late but in the spirit of completeness I will update it on our final weeks in SL and the journey back to the UK. When we left Bentota we had about 2.5 weeks before we were due to fly back to France and so we'd divided this up into a week back at Unawatuna and then a few days in Hikkaduwa, leaving a large chunk of days where we'd be based in Negombo with easy access to Covid testing for the return flight. We caught the train straight back down to Unawatuna and obviously we'd booked back in with Milinda and Manouta at Coconut Style for our final week, which really felt like we were just coming back to stay at a friends house. The beach road hadn't changed as much this time and really we were just here to say a final farewell to the crazy bunch of people we had been lucky enough to make friends with over the past few months. So after a week of snorkeling, eating in our fav restaurants and a fair bit of drinking we left, again o