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The last 7 months in one blog!

Firstly, apologies for not updating the blog for so long, there are a couple of reasons for that but the main one is we have been that busy up till now, we've not really had the time to keep it updated.  Also, we have not really been doing much fun stuff lately, as most of the summer has been work, work and more work, but it's all worthwhile as we have new adventures to be had very soon! But first a 'brief' summary of what we've been up to since Sadie's last update back when we had arrived back from Sri Lanka, over the summer months and brings us to our current situation and what lies ahead this coming winter. After leaving Sadie's parents, we took 4-5 days leisurely drive up through France and crossed the channel back into England and heading for Maidstone.  I had booked into a SIA Top Up Training course for the first few days in March, I needed to do this asap on returning to the UK as had to get my licence renewal in asap as I would need it and I know wha