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Daisys last big adventure

What shall we do for the 1.5 months between UK work and Saudi work we asked, I know let’s take Daisy on her last European journey, we can follow our old route down through France and Spain, visit some friends in Portugal and then travel the Spanish and French coast back to my parents.  It was a mile heavy journey and with Daisy not being her fittest, fuel prices being ridiculous and our savings looking lower than they had in ages due to Freddy, maybe we should have been more sensible…. but where’s the fun in that! So, the Ferry from New Haven to Dieppe as normal. We got the morning ferry so it’s meant to be a straight run through to around Le Mans before we stop but we discovered that our route through Rouen is now subjected to an emission zone and without the correct sticker for your vehicle, you can be fined! Knowing our luck, we didn’t want to risk it so took the back roads through the prettier countryside until Daisys brakes started making a horrid noise. Ahh yes, that would be the