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Plascassier, SoundStorm and onto Mumbai

We had given ourselves 10 days in France before we headed on to the next part of the adventure. This was to spend some time with Sadies family and sort out Daisy and prep for the travels to come. It had been a fairly hectic 5 and a half weeks driving round France, Spain, Portugal then back into Spain and France travelling 3500 miles and it was good to get Daisy parked up, where she would remain for nearly 5 months.  Obviously she needed a really good deep clean inside, it's hard to do when travelling about and Sadie did an amazing job on her, and we got her drained down and winterised and she should be good for our return. Our time in Plascassier was brief but enjoyable, we went out for some amazing meals, one in particular near Nice Airport at a seafood restaurant stands out as one of the best meals we had in ages! If you follow me on Facebook, you probably seen the post I made about the sad loss of one of Sadies parents cats called Toes. He was sadly found by a passer by after be