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Gorkana & Arpora

We’ve decided we quite like an overnight train, yes getting up and down from the top bunk is slightly awkward for someone of my size and clumsiness but it’s doable and I slept for almost all of the train journey to Mangalore.  We arrived mid-morning but we didn’t have anything planned to do here and our next onward train was in 6hrs, so we paid to store our backpacks in the left luggage at the station (think it was about 50rps for 24hrs) and went off to find breakfast, have a look about that then hole up somewhere cooler until our train. Fortunately for us we found an AC pub in a shopping mall which suited our needs exactly. I feel a bit bad that we didn't explore much at all, but on the surface it looks like any other busy city and I wasn't feeling 100% so wasn't up for a frantic tour to see the sights. Gorkana was our next stop for a few days as we’d heard the nearby Om Beach was a bit like old Goa before it became popular, we also had a friend staying there that we’d met